​​​​​​Sandwich Plates:

Beef Plate..$10.00​

Pork Plate..$9.25

​Ham Plate..$10.00

​Chicken Plate..$9.25

​Spicy Chicken Plate..$9.50

​Hot Link Plate..$8.75

Al La Carte:

Hot Link Sandwich..$5.50

​Beef Sandwich..$6.50

Pork Sandwhich..$6.25

​Ham Sandwhich..$6.50

Chicken Sandwhich..$6.25

​Spicey Chicken Sandwhich..$6.25

​1/4 Chicken White..$4.75

​                          Dark..$4.25

​1/2 Chicken..$6.50


Dinner Plates​​:

​Beef Plates..$11.50

​Beef Sandwich..$10.75

​Ham Plate..$11.50

​1/4 Chicken Plate White..$9.00​   


​1/2 Chicken Plate..$11.50

Large Rib Plate..$13.25

​Small Rib Plate..$10.25

​Two Meat Plate..$3.50

​Three Meat..$15.50

​​Ribs by the Rack or 1/2 Rack:​                 Meat  by Pound:​        ​   1/2 Pound:

​Full Rack of Baby Back Ribs or Spareribs..$25.00                    Beef and Ham..$12.50                               $6.50

​                                                           1/2 Rack..$13.00                    Pork and Chicken..$11.50                         $6.00